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Peyton Lea Productions is a start-to-finish video and photography company. Though the company is based out of Durham, North Carolina, no distance is too great for a project. Clients of Peyton Lea Productions are pleased to receive one-on-one attention to their needs and creative input in every stage of the production process. The company is a 4K operation, from shooting to editing to coloring. But while the "look" and technical aspects of a project are of high priority, the root of all videos is the story. The understanding of and attention to the Client's story is paramount. Telling that story beautifully and cinematically is a close second.


Peyton was born and raised in Charlotte, NC, where in high school he discovered his passion for video. It was there that he made commercials, anchored morning announcements, and created and hosted a weekly TV show, "The Best Week Ever". While attending Elon University, he lived, studied and interned in Los Angeles in the inaugural Elon in LA program. Upon his return to the east coast, he wrote and directed a short film, "The Magazine Girl" along with a handful of other shorts throughout college. The most influential time creatively for Peyton was his time spent studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland. Armed with both a still and video camera, he traveled around Europe exercising his craft and learning how to better compose images.


Post-graduation, he took a job with an Elon-based photography company as both a photographer and videographer. In January 2012, he broke away to start his own production company, Peyton Lea Productions, LLC. The company set out with the goal of using cinematic images and sharp editing to represent narrative stories, corporate videos, commercials, and documentaries. Among the many projects Peyton has been a part of, his proudest achievement was writing, producing, directing and editing his first feature film "Just Tom." The film is currently being submitted to festivals throughout the country and is in talks with distributors in Los Angeles. Peyton is (and will probably always be!) writing his next feature, and asks that you kindly give him a million bucks to shoot it, please and thank you.


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